“All Male Panel” for Women’s Day Celebration

Women In Business has come under fire after their decision to have “all male panel discussion” scheduled for the International Women’s Day Celebration on 8th with the theme ‘think equal and be bold”

Feminist Roshika Deo in her Facebook post said “imagine! Paying money to continue the oppressive structures of patriarchy and privilege that disadvantages us in the first place!”

For public to attend the they are required to pay $30 for their breakfast and listen to “all male panel” discuss issues regarding women.

“Why trivialize women’s rights for which many women have been killed for?” she said.

“And to all the women, boycott the thing and give your hard earned money to a women’s shelter or support a girl child or pay for the costs of trying to get a DVRO so she doesn’t get killed.”

People have cried that this “manel” (all male panel) is “condescending” and gender insensitive”.

Women in Business is yet to comment on this issue.


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