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Nawaikula and Tuisawau “Persuaded” Suvavou Landowners to Present Petition: Landowners Spokesperson

SODELPA MP’s Niko Nawaikula and Ro Filipe Tuisawau went to Suvavou village to influence the landowners to petition the Suva City Council regarding Indian Embassy being built at the land beside Botanical Garden.

In a revelation by FBC News, Joe Navara, spokeperson of Suvavou Landowners spokesperson said that he wished to thank Nawaikula and Tusawau for “persuading” them to draw up petitions.

“They were the ones who came to the village and told us this is what you should do if you don’t like what the government is doing and that has materialize because of what they have advise us.”

Meanwhile the Prime Minister and Minister for Lands are adamant that the subject land belongs to the state and it is up to the state to decide how they will proceed.


2 comments on “Nawaikula and Tuisawau “Persuaded” Suvavou Landowners to Present Petition: Landowners Spokesperson

  1. Rusiate Vatuniqere

    A good servant of the people or politician work closely with their electorate and ensure that their desires are met without fear or being intimidated.


  2. Rusiate Vatuniqere

    Who else can the iTaukei in this country will go to for their grievances? Who will understand them better and have a solid support from their Vanua? Who will assist them in protecting their land, culture, tradition and aspirations? Who will provide freedom their need in expressing their rights of conscience, speech and expression in their country of birth? Fiji First? Sodelpa? Bainimarama? Kaiyum? Apart from our Lord and Savior, the iTaukei have to think straight and twice. Happy are those who make wise decision because they won’t regret.


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