Fiji Government to Ban Fishing Nets

The Minister for Fisheries, Semi Koroilavesau says that the government is now considering to ban use of fishing nets.

He said that nets inadvertently entangle and kill scores of other marine animals, including endangered species.

This proposal came in light to a ban put in place throughout Fiji on harvesting of sea turtles.

“I’m going to work on banning netting because this is one other issues that is left to be resolved because using of net has an indiscriminate aspect of amount and size of fish that can be caught…our reef system is under threat basically that means that we really need to sustainably fish for internal inshore fisheries and coastal fisheries and that’s the main worry.”  said the Fisheries Minister when speaking to Radion NZ.

2 comments on “Fiji Government to Ban Fishing Nets

  1. utikonabunobuno5078

    Now this is the kind of news we want.. Good content to start with..


  2. utikonabunobuno5078

    Can CJF obtain more information on the issue from the Ministry of Fisheries, such as the Fisheries biomass or our fisheries territory capacity, the number of fishing license issued by the Ministry and the individual harvest capacity of those licenses based on registered fishing boats and fishing duration..?? Also, what may be the approximate number of traditionally subsistence fishermen from customary fishing grounds..?? What are the implications of our current licensed fishing capacity on the fish population and sustainable regeneration..??

    These information (questions raised) can add value, not only to citizens, but for resource managers and policy makers…


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