Fijian Government Continues to Work on Women Empowerment

The Minister’s Women’s Forum is an avenue for open dialogue and for the strengthening of partnership between the Ministry of Women,Children and Poverty Alleviation with its key stakeholders.

It’s line Minister Hon.Mereseini Vuniwaqa, while officiating at the forum at Novotel Hotel in Lami today, said that Fiji at a national, regional and international level has done a lot of work for empowerment of women.

Minister Vuniwaqa said she is hoping to work out ways with development partners to move forward as a nation and for women who need the support.

“Government speaks about all these work in forums at all levels. I am sure that all of you also talk about your good work wherever you are invited at whatever opportunity you have,” Minister Vuniwaqa said.

“But I am also sure that none of us can confidently say that we have covered everything that everyone is doing or has done for Fijian women because the work being done is massive.”

She added that with whatever they were doing, there will always be more to do.

The forum was attended by senior representatives of Women NGO’s, Civil Society Organizations, Faith based Organizations, members of national women’s groups and staff of UN women.

Source: Fijian Government (Facebook)


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