BREAKING| 23 Year Old Drives a Car into Baitul Masroor Mosque in Australia

A 23-yr-old man has been charged after allegedly driving his car into the gates of the Baitul Masroor Mosque located south of Brisbane.

Witnesses say the man was heard shouting offensive language towards people inside mosque.

Earlier, the man was issued a notice for drug driving.

Police Statement:

Police have arrested a man after he drove his car into the gates of a place of worship at Stockleigh overnight. It will be alleged at 2.20pm yesterday the man was initially intercepted on Buckley Road for a road side drug test. The test revealed a positive result and the driver was issued with a 24hr drivers licence suspension notice. The 23-year-old Browns Plains man, was issued with a notice to appear in court for one count of driving a vehicle whilst relevant drug is present. It will be further alleged once the man was released from police custody, he returned to his car on Buckley Road. The man allegedly then drove his car along Neville Street and pulled into the driveway of the place of worship, where he has driven his car into the closed front gates causing minor damage to the gates. The man allegedly then shouted offensive words through the open drivers window towards the people inside, before driving home where he was located by police. The man was arrested and further charged with one count each of wilful damage, commit public nuisance and driving a motor vehicle whilst suspended.

Stay tuned for more on this story


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