Crown Prince of Norway to Visit Fiji

On Wednesday afternoon, the Norwegian Royal Court announced that His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon of Norway would visit the nations of Tonga, Fiji and Samoa. The visit will be carried out from 5 April to 11 April of this year.

On his tour to the Pacific nations, His Royal Highness will be accompanied by Norway’s Minister for Development Dag-Inge Ulstein. The purpose of the visit is to strengthen partnerships with small island states in the South Pacific for the promotion of common interests in the United Nations and international cooperation, including seas and climate, peace and security.

The Crown Prince and Minister for Development Cooperation Ulstein will meet heads of state and governments in the three countries, including the King of Tonga, as well as representatives of civil society, educational institutions, sports and culture, besides the United Nations and other international organisations.

The Crown Prince of Noway photographed during a trip to the Baltics. Photo: Official Office of the President of Lithuania by Robertas Dackus /

The Royal Court states that the island nations play an increasingly central role in the international effort to meet the global sustainability goals and the Paris Agreement. Norway and the small island nations in the Pacific have a common interest in securing sustainable seas and in dealing with climate challenges. Norway has a strong commitment and plays a leading role in international work on climate and ocean issues. Through this visit, Norway wants to strengthen cooperation with the island states of the Pacific, which have these issues as their core interests.

The Crown Prince will, among other things, speak to students at the University of the South Pacific on Fiji on sustainable development, sea and climate. The programme includes the three countries’ efforts to adapt to increasing challenges related to climate change as a rising sea level, ensure a sustainable sea and work against marine litter. The Crown Prince will meet students from the region, participate in rugby training and visit areas directly affected by rising sea levels.

Source: Royal Court


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