Ministry of Youth is “irresponsible” says National Youth Advisory Board

“We would like to remind the Ministry that we make up the largest demographic in this country said National Youth Advisory Board in a press statement.

Youth participants at the National Youth Conference are angry and disappointed at the Ministry of Youth and Sports (the Ministry) for strong-arming young people to release an Outcome Statement that was not deliberated or consulted on.

‘The participants of the National Youth Conference were not shown what the content of the Outcome Statement is to which our names were put to’, said Ms Maxine Tuwila.

‘A process of reviewing and endorsing the Outcome Statement should have been undertaken to ensure that the content is accurate and reflective of the discussions that took place in the last three days.’

‘This is irresponsible of the Ministry to violate the agency of young people when the past three days young people were assured of agency and participation to make decisions that affect our lives and livelihood.’

The Outcome Statement will guide the priorities of the government however young people do not even know what is in the document and have not endorsed it. This is highly irresponsible and dismissive of young people’s realities. It is also in contradiction to the Ministry’s commitment of a consultative process but not adhering to it when it matters.


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