PM Pledges $39000 for Walk for Kids Charity

Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama led the annual 
Outrigger Fiji Walk for Kids in Sigatoka this morning and has pledged $39,000 towards its philanthropic causes.

The walk spanned from the hotel property at Korotoga Beach to the Sigatoka School for Special Education in the town’s CBD.

Prime Minister for Outrigger Fiji Walk for Kids PC: Fijian Government

The Prime Minister walked aside several Fijian medalists at the recent Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi and highlighted the Fijian Government’s commitment to persons living with disabilities.

“When it comes to special needs education, I am wholly dedicated to creating a school system that enables every Fijian student – enables them with the right tools, the right teachers, and the right curriculum,” he said.

“Perhaps most importantly, it enables them with choices – the choice to attend a school that best suits their needs. Because while we are funding our special schools unlike ever before, we are also mainstreaming special education into more schools through the provision of special education grants and learning tools, in addition to staffing our classrooms with trained teachers and assistants.”

The walkathon raised over $15,000.

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