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Women Charged for Falsifying Claims of Abduction in Lautoka

A 19year old woman will be produced at the Lautoka Magistrates Court this afternoon for allegedly falsifying information to police about being abducted by three men over the weekend.

The accused informed Lautoka Police that she was allegedly abducted by three unknown men from the Lautoka Wharf on Saturday afternoon and taken to a house in Nadi.

She claims to have bee drugged and sexually assaulted at the house where she was taken to.

She further claimed that she had regained consciousness in another flat and managed to escape to a nearby cane field and sought help from neighbors and asked for clothes and money.

She then came to the Lautoka Police Station where she reported the matter personally and officers were deployed to conduct preliminary investigations.

During the course of investigations, the claims could not be verified and witnesses have come forward alleging she was seen in Lautoka City and medical reports have proven the alleged sexual assault claims to be false.

The accused has also admitted to allegedly falsifying the report.

The accused has been charged with one count of giving false information to a public servant.

She will be produced at the Lautoka Magistrates Court this afternoon.

Meanwhile, an investigation headed by the Divisional Crime Officer Eastern is looking into an alleged abduction case involving a 9 year old child.

Fiji Police Force

The victim is admitted at the Wainibokasi Hospital as he sustained minor scratches from the alleged incident which occurred this morning near Nasali.

The victim claims he was abducted from outside his home early this morning by three men and forced into a van where two others were waiting.

His hands and feet were allegedly tied inside the van but he still managed to escape from the five by jumping out of the moving van a few meters away from his home.

A thorough investigation will be conducted to verify the claims of abduction and again we must stress that people must not speculate or create unnecessary panic on unsubstantiated information that is yet to be verified by investigators.

Police is yet to update on this investigation.

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