Fijian Pilot Due to Start Flying for Fiji Airways Dead in Auckland

A pilot who had only just realised his boyhood dream of gaining his commercial flying wings was found dead in Auckland on Saturday.

Gevnesh Prasad, 24, called his mother on Friday to tell her he would be home for tea. But the family heard nothing from him again.

The next day there was a knock at their Remuera door by police officers, who told the family the news Gevnesh had been found dead near the Viaduct in Auckland.

“He enjoyed the serenity of flying. He found it so peaceful, looking down on everything and being in the clouds,” his older brother Jay told Stuff

He said his brother had called their mother about 3pm on Friday and said he might be home late and to have dinner without him, but to set a plate aside for him for later. 

“I received a call from my father and I’ve never heard him cry in my entire life, but he said, ‘Your brother has gone from this world’.” 

Gevnesh Prasad's parents helping him put on his wings in March.
SUPPLIEDGevnesh Prasad’s parents helping him put on his wings in March.

Jay, who formally identified his brother’s body, said: “We were meant to grow old together.”

The promising young pilot had worked for four years to gain his wings from the Massey University School of Aviation and was due to start flying Twin Otters for Fiji Airways in July. 

“He’d just graduated and was about to do some amazing things.”

Gevnesh’s parents had been his inspiration and helped give him the drive to get his wings, his older brother said.  

“Our parents worked their whole lives to a point where we were able to start a career, life and really make something and follow our dreams.”

But Jay said the family was “absolutely shocked and devastated” by Gevnesh’s death and could not “grieve properly” in the wake of the police investigation.

“How are we meant to mourn him, remember him for who he was and cherish him? 

“It would finally help us find peace, if we knew what happened to him.”

Gevnesh Prasad and his younger sister Priya Prasad celebrating Christmas.
SUPPLIEDGevnesh Prasad and his younger sister Priya Prasad celebrating Christmas.

Jay remembers his younger brother as a man who was loved by everyone he met. 

“He had a gentle nature and protective instinct. He couldn’t see people going through trouble and he’d exhaust all options to make them feel better or solve an issue for them.”

In the wake of his younger brother’s mysterious death, Jay wanted to remind people to truly cherish moments with their family – they never knew when it could be the last.

“Gevnesh had everything going for him. He had plans for the next day and next week and wasn’t expected to die.

“He didn’t get the chance to do something to be remembered for.”

Police are investigating the incident but were unable to give comment.

Source: Stuff Co


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