Multiple Roads Closed In Northern and Western Division| Read Here

Heavy downpour over the weekend as a low pressure system passes over Fiji group has caused massive flooding and landslide around both Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, therefore several roads around Western and Northern Division are closed.

The Fiji Roads Authority has now opened Kings and Queens Highway for all traffic but drivers are reminded to be safe while driving.

Roads confirmed closed by Fiji Roads authority as of 12 this noon are:


1. Vitiri Crossing
2. Dreketi Crossing on Dreketi Road
3. Bainisoqosoqo Crossing
4. Vunikavikaloa Crossing
5. Savusavu Crossing on Lawaki Road
6. Burenitu Crossing
7. Baruto Crossing
8. Rakiraki Access on FSC Road
9. Narara Crossing
10. Katudrau Road
11. Drana Crossing on Korotale Valley Road
12. Galau Flat on Waimari Road
13. Vatukaceva Crossing
14. Lau Ford Crossing on Lau Road in Rakiraki

Meanwhile there are several also closed in the northern division.


1. Namuavoivoi Road
2. Navukuru Crossing 
3. Dreketilailai Crossing in Bulileka
4. Qawa Crossing on Qawa Road
5. Urata Crossing on Urata Road
6. Boca Loop Road
7. Nakelikoso Road
8. Lagalaga Flats in Wainikoro

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