Be patient as the assessments and repair work takes place: FRA CEO Mr Moore

Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Moore says several roads remain closed across the country following the widespread flooding over the long weekend.

“Some roads and crossings have generally been opened very quickly, but the network remains fragile and we are asking the public to please be patient as the assessments and repair work takes place,” Mr Moore said.

“We are reminding the road users to beware of further increase in risk of landslides due to saturated ground conditions in hillside terrain as well as the possibility of rock falls and debris on the roadway amidst heavy rain.”

Culvert washout in Siberia Labasa. PC: Fiji Roads Authority

He said whilst they appreciate that the rain event had inevitably resulted in an increase in the number of potholes, they were asking motorists to please be cautious and drive to the conditions.

“Please continue to adhere to the advisories from the relevant authorities and do not to drive on roads with shallow flooding or surface water as this can cause a vehicle to lose control due to unseen scour holes or submerged debris.”

Mr Moore said they were working as quickly as they could to reopen the road, and would like to thank those affected most sincerely for their patience.

“The FRA is continuing to monitor several roads for closure and we will continue to issue alerts and warnings as required.”

“We have placed road safety signs to advise motorists of the hazards such as crossing washouts and flooded roads, members of the public can contact the FRA on 5720 if they have queries regarding the affected roads and crossings,” he said.


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