Fiji Water Authority to Terminate 2900 Employees, Fijians Ready to Protest

The Fiji Water Authority is set to mass terminate 2900 of it’s staff on May 1st of what the Authority claims is a “restructure of the organization.”

The Water Authority of Fiji claims that the staffs that will get terminated on May 1st are part of 2900 project workers who were hired on temporary basis.

The Water Auhtority of Fiji’s Chairman, Bhavesh Kumar has refuted the cliams saying that they were going through a restructure however the number of staffs to be terminated hasn’t been finalised yet.

The Authority Chairman also says that the interpretation of the provisions of the Collective Agreement by the union is an issue before the Arbitration Court and it would not be fair to make any further public comment.

Meanwhile, the Fiji Trades Union Congress has issued a release in which it says that they will go ahead with a National Strike on the 3rd of May.

Anthony says that the protest will adress issues such as their disappointment with government regarding the National Minimum Wage, Delay in Labour Law Reforms, Right to Strike, Vatukoula Strike, Unresolved Issues regarding the Federated Airlines Staff Association and Opposing the Imposition of Individual Contracts.   

Press Release by FTUC

In a statement, FTUC National Secretary, Felix Anthony says all FTUC affiliates will continue planning and preparing for the nationwide protest next Friday and a national protest march in Nadi next Saturday.

This will be done while the 52nd Asian Development Bank annual meeting takes place in Nadi next week.

The FTUC National Secretary says that there are some unions that may need to go on protest earlier than May 3rd as FTUC says they have received information of massive layoffs.

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