Police Pull Out Body and Vehicle of 18 Year Old from Rewa River

The joint search team consisting of divers from the Fiji Police Force and the Naval Division of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces have pulled the vehicle driven by an 18 year old of Drekeinakelo Tailevu out from the Rewa River after 6 days.

The car was located after 8am this morning when divers saw what appeared to be oil which lead them to the location of the submerged vehicle.

The joint team was assisted by the National Fire Authority where the car and the victim’s body was pulled from the river.

Fiji Police and Navy divers at Rewa River. PC: Fiji Police Force

The victim was positively identified by his uncle.

Earlier on this story

The Police Special Response Unit divers had earlier temporarily suspended their operations in the search for a vehicle that is believed to be submerged in the Rewa River.

The team had made one attempt but due to the strong current and poor visibility the search turned out negative.

“The strong current is also impacting the search efforts and a decision has been made to temporarily call off any dive expeditions for the safety of the officers.”

Following discussions between the Commissioner of Police and the Commander Fiji Navy, a combined team of divers attempted to dive in search for the missing vehicle in the Rewa River.

The Navy divers were brought in to reinforce the PSRU divers and the joint team made one attempt but had to call off the search efforts due to unfavourable and dangerous conditions.

Fiji Police officers and divers at the scene of the incident. PC: Fiji Police Force

What happened?

Initially four people were believed to be trapped in a car plunged into a flooded river in Nausori yesterday.

It’s believed the vehicle was traveling towards Nausori and tried to overtake another car, but the driver apparently lost control, veered off the road and ended up in the river.

Rewa river in which the car plunged into. PC: Fiji Police Force

Traffic officers from Nausori and officers from the Police Special Response Unit responded to the emergency at Naduruloulou near Baulevu.

Police divers were deployed to the scene yesterday but have failed to retrieve neither the car nor the passengers trapped inside the vehicle.

Who are the passengers?

One of the four passengers is believed to be an 18-year-old man after his mother informed Police that the car may be hers.

It’s believed her son took his mother’s car when she was away from home.


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