WAF Lockouts Staff After Saying No One Was Terminated

Employees of Water Authority of Fiji were locked out of the WAF Kinoya, Rakiraki and Lautoka depot this morning.

IN a press release yesterday, WAF Chairman Bhavesh Kumar cliamed that none of the employees were getting terminated and their contracts were being extended for extra 6 months.

WAF Locked out Employees sitting outside WAF Kinoya Depot
PC: Pio Tabaiwalu

The unions have also recently claimed that 2900 were going to be mass terminated. Nobody is being terminated.

Again this is completely fake news. Nobody is being terminated. WAF hires workers for particular projects regularly and their contracts end. In fact, we extended their contracts for 6 months and absorbed them in other projects as a gesture of goodwill.

WAF Chairman Bhavesh Kumar, Press Release

31 employees from Rakiraki were sent home by Water Authority of Fiji.

The Fiji Times reports close to 70-80 former staff were told by Police to move away from the premises.

FIji Police FOrce called in on the WAF Employees at Lautoka Depot.
PC: The Fiji Times

A group of them are sitting outside the WAF Rakiraki depot today.

It is believed that the contracts of these locked out employees were not renewed.

Police have been called to keep out former Water Authority of Fiji employees from entering the WAF depot in Lautoka.

They are currently sitting in a nearby vacant land.


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