Fiji Airways Grounds Planes Leased From Miami Airways After A Miami Air AIrcraft Landed in A River

Fiji Airways has stopped the service of the Miami Air aircraft leased in place for the already grounded Boeing Max 8 Aircraft’s.

This follows the incident in Florida yesterday where a Miami Air 737 Aircraft with 136 passengers skidded off the runaway, landing in a river. However there was no casualties.

Fiji Airways  has confirmed that their team is aware of the incident and are monitoring the situation closely.

“The Miami Air aircraft leased by Fiji Airways will not operate a Fiji Airways service until we know more about the incident in Jacksonville. The safety of our passengers is, and always will be our number one priority, “

What happened?

Pilots of a chartered jet that ran into a river at a Florida military base made a last-minute change to the runway where they would make a landing, a federal investigator said Sunday.

Miami Air Aircraft Boeing 737-800

The pilots on the Miami Air International plane requested the change to air traffic controllers shortly before landing at Naval Air Station Jacksonville Friday night.

The 9,000-foot-long runway where the Boeing 737 landed was essentially limited to 7,800 feet since there was a wire barrier set up to recover Navy aircraft in instances they couldn’t land on a carrier during training, said Bruce Landsberg, vice chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board.

NTSB investigators said they hope a cockpit voice recorder helps them answer that question, but they have been unable to recover it yet since the part of the plane where it’s located is still underwater in the St. Johns River. Investigators also plan to interview the pilots, Landsberg said.

Investigators have retrieved the flight data recorder.

There were no serious injuries on the flight from a military base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, although almost two dozen of the 143 passengers and crew members sought medical attention for minor injuries.


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