Works on Princess Road Potholes Begin Tonight

The Fiji Roads Authority says that major roadworks on Princes Road will begin from 7.30pm tonight.

Works will begin daily from 7.30pm to 5.30am from Tamavua Hill side up to the College of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences, Princes Road.

Princes Road has badly failed pavements which required extensive full-width repairs as a method of treatment. To reduce traffic congestion impacts the majority of these works will be carried out at night.

During the carriageway repairs, we will be closing the worst affected sections of Princes Road to single lane to carry out structural pavement repairs and resurfacing works.

We will be removing the badly deformed surface which has deteriorated due to their age and the high volume of traffic. These works are part of the Accelerated Sealed Repairs programme which will mitigate the current road conditions in these worst affected areas.

The greater part of the pavement repair works will be carried out at night, restricting the road to single lane traffic under Stop/Go Traffic Control. During the day the Contractor will maintain two-way traffic during peak morning and afternoon traffic periods. To reduce the risk of rain delays surfacing works will be carried out from time-to-time in off-peak traffic hours and motorists are to expect delays.

Members of the public are requested to make their travel plans with these works in mind, avoiding this route if possible. Motorists are reminded to strictly adhere to the directions of the flagman and the site traffic control, to ensure the safety of other motorists and workmen alike.

These works on Princes Road are expected to be completed by Tuesday 28 May 2019, weather permitting. Other roads planned for similar Accelerated Sealed Repairs in June include Grantham Road, Ratu Dovi Road, Nokonoko Road and Queens Road (Suvavou).


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