FICAC Investigated Dr Reddy Because of AG’s Animosity With Him says Nawaikula

SODELPA MP and Lawyer charged for careless driving says FICAC has been a farce and a shame to all of us. Instead of being truly independent, it’s been used by the Fiji First Government as Gestapo to hunt down its critics and dissidents.

“Just ask Mere Samsoni, S Rabuka , The Chiefs of Ra & Nadroga.” said Mr Nawaikula.

Nawaikula says that Government is using FICAC to hunt down all critics of Fiji First government by sending FICAC as Gestapo.

“The government found a good excuse to lie to the world it has an institution to fight corruption when in fact it is abusing it to hunt down its critics.”

“As always ,the governments smart Alec Hon AG , replied citing so many things to show how open , fair and transparent FICAC is , including the fact of how it prosecuted Hon Dr Reddy, former Min Of Education. But, I interjected to say in truth FICAC was sent to hunt down Dr Reddy because of Hon Attorney Generals personal animosity against him.”

The Fiji Independent Commission earlier last year charged then Minister of Education Mr Mahendra Reddy on charges of alleged bribery and undue influence.

FICAC’s counsel said that it had an impact on democracy and constituional rights of Fijian citizens.

Mr Reddy was alleged to have directly offered to confer a benefit, namely steady water supply for Ra High School , in order to influence the vote of the school manager, Waisea Lebobo.

Mr Reddy was acquitted eve after a retrial by FICAC.

“I think it is sad we should live the lie that is FICAC an institution set up to fight corruption but in truth it is a government Gestapo that it is currently using to hunt down critics and dissidents.” said Mr Nawaikula.

There has been no indication that Mr Khaiyum used FICAC to intimidate Minister Reddy.


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