Kasabias – Specializing in Illegal Rubbish Dumping

A Kasabias Hardware truck was spotted dumping massive load of rubbish by the side of the road in Waituri back road to Lakena Nausori.

Fiu Etika Mani spotted the illegal dumpping of rubbish and quickly snapped photos which shows a truck and several staff, dumping piles of rubbish along Waituri road.

Kasabias Truck and Staff spotted dumping rubbish illegally. PC: Fiu Etika Mani [Facebook]

Illegal dumping of rubbish at this spot in Waituri is pretty popular for which Ministry of Health, back in 2018 embarked on a Clean Up Operation which cost the Ministry $22,000 alone for this particular place.

Despite the existence of the Litter Act and Environmental Management Act, this is blatant evidence of the practice in the form of individuals and companies throwing their trash into the environment.

Part IV (2) of Offences and Penalities under Litter Act 2008 states that, A person or corporate body or any other organisation who both directly or indirectly deposits and abandons any litter in or on any public place commits an offence.

They are also liable for :

10(1)Abandoning dangerous litterFor first offence:
$2000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months for individual and
$4000 for body corporate
10(2)Abandoning litterFor first offence
$200 for individual
$1,000 for corporate body
12(1)Littering from vehicleFor first offence:
$200 for individual
$1,000 for corporate body

The Litter Act 2008 also says that “a public authority may offer and pay rewards for the giving of information which leads to the conviction of any person or corporate body or any other organisation for an offence under this Promulgation.”

The National Environment Council had said in 2016 that they will reveal all the names of the people who have been caught throwing rubbish carelessly under the Name and Shame Campaign.

In January 2019, our Ministry launched a ‘Clean Environment Policy’. 

The aim of this policy is to contribute to the Ministry’s long term ambition to make Fiji cleaner for citizens and visitors, through self-compliance and enforcement of the Litter Act 2008.

The policy provides guidance for securing a cleaner Fiji for all Fijians through a decentralized community based, awareness, readiness and litter enforcement program(s).

“We have come to recognize that the answer to the current littering problem requires a coordinated effort amongst all relevant stakeholders,” said Minister for Environment, Mr Mahendra Reddy during the Litter Prevention Officer Training in March 2019.

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