Uncle, 48, Faces 16 years in Prison for Raping 15 Year Old Niece

The High Court of Fiji has sentenced Kaondido Tutara for 16 years after the court found accused guilty of four representative counts of rape of his 15 year old niece.

The incident took place in Labasa at four different occasion.

The victim had came from island to live with the accused and his family for schooling in Labasa after her father’s death. She was a Year 8 student when the accused started to sexually abuse her. The abuse continued for almost nine months until the victim confided in a school friend. That is how the sexual abuse came to light.

The victim was removed from the care of the accused and was placed in a foster home in Savusavu.

Judge Justice Daniel Goundar while giving the sentence said that the victim was extremely vulnerable.

“She was a female. She was a child. Her father had passed away. She came to Labasa for schooling. Labasa was an unfamiliar environment for her. She was born and raised on island near Vanua Levu. She was placed under the care of her uncle, the Accused,” said Judge Goundar.

“Her trust was betrayed when she was sexually abused. Threats of assault followed to prevent her from reporting the abuse. The abuse was repeated and prolonged. One of the incidents of rape was witnessed by another child. That child was exposed to a crime. The physical and the emotional harm done to the victim are severe. She now lives in a foster home. All these factors significantly aggravate the offending,” he added.

Disgraced and remorseless uncle faces 16 years imprisonment and has to serve for at least 11 years before eligible for parole.


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