Claims Of Abduction In Suva, Police says it’s Unsubstantiated

UPDATE 8.40PM : ALL 106 students have been accounted for and are SAFE.


The Deputy Divisional Police Commander South has been liaising with the Head Teacher of Marist Brothers Primary School, who as of this evening as confirmed that most of the students reported to have been missing at the beginning of school this morning have been accounted for by their parents.

Some students had not turned up for school today while some turned up late after the message was sent out on the Parents and Teachers Association messaging platform.

We urge parents and guardians however if their child is missing to lodge a report at the nearest community post or station.

We can confirm that a team of investigators are looking into a report of an alleged kidnapping attempt lodged at the Valelevu Police Station this morning whereby the victim claims she managed to escape a group of Asian men traveling in a white van in front of her school in Valelevu.

She claims there were two other students in the car and we have yet to receive any official reports of missing Primary School students as of this evening.

The rumours linking any of the missing 106 students to the kidnapping report is at this point unsubstantiated and we will continue to liaise with the school heads to confirm if there are missing students.

If there are any queries please do not hesitate to call 9905999.


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