Leader of Chaotic Party Invites Member for AGM

SODELPA party leader Sitiveni Rabuka, whose party is in total chaos has invited the party members to Annual Meet in Savusavu.

The power struggle is believed to continue after Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu resigned as party president citing he wishes to go back and look after his people.

SODELPA’s Annual General Assembly is scheduled to take place on Friday June 28 in Savusavu. SODELPA Management Board who met on Friday 17th May 2019 decided that it would be great to honour Lalabalavu by hosting the AGM in Savusavu.

“I warmly invite all party members to attend the Annual Assembly,” said Mr Rabuka.

“The general assembly meeting in Savusavu will give party members in the Northern Division the opportunity to meet Members of Parliament and party officials, to raise their issues and have their say, just as members from the Central and Western Divisions have been given that opportunity at the nine General Meetings convened since SODELPA was registered,” said party leader in a press release.

“He presided over a very difficult four year period for the Party, and the people of Fiji. With good humor, charm and wisdom, he guided contentious meetings of the Board and General Assembly where great changes were wrought within the Party and where much was at risk, to unify the party, and the nation,” he added.

“We wish him well in his Chiefly endeavor to spend more time with his people.”


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