Adi Litia takes Legal Action Against FBC for “Fake News”, Also She Resigns from Party

The General Secretary said the unsubstantiated fake news report broadcast on 29 May 2019 on FBC TV News and FBC Radio News was an example of poor and malicious reporting and fake news.

In a press release, Hon. Qionibaravi has confirmed that she is reviewing her legal options, including to report FBC to MIDA or to file legal action on behalf of the Party.

She called on FBC to practice good unbiased journalism to ensure the people of Fiji were fully informed rather than misled with such fake news from “anonymous” sources.

She said every individual has the fundamental human right to information and be informed and the right to media freedom was the peoples’ right to receive correct information. That is the role of the media to inform and not to mislead the people.

Hon. Qionibaravi called on those who spread fake news about the Party’s 2018 finances to show their faces, rather than hide behind biased and incompetent media or social media.

She called on party members to review the Party’s audited financial statements for 2018, which had been tabled at the Working Committee, and is now available for party members to review before the 2019 AGM.

Adi Litia invited interested party members to visit her at the Party Office with their questions or concerns and to follow the dispute resolution procedures in the Party Constitution if they held any grievances.

Hon. Qionibaravi said she was mystified at the motives of those who spread such fake news which disregarded and disrespected the Party’s massive campaign effort in 2018 elections, that saw it take six seats from the ruling FFP which gained only 50.02% of the vote.

She urged party members to focus on the 49.98% of voters who voted against FijiFirst, and that the objective is to increase this in the coming 2022 general election, to change the Government.

Adi Litia said those spreading rumors ignored the fact that the party’s finances are reviewed under the microscope yearly by the Fiji Elections Office, and 2018 is no different. She urged members to keep the faith, and to trust the Management Board to perform its constitutional duty to discipline the trouble-makers who try to bring disunity within the Party, and who bring the Party into disrepute.

Adi Litia to concentrate on MP duties, prepares Board for recruitment process for new GS

The General Secretary confirmed to party members that as she had been elected a Member of Parliament, despite the fact that her contract doesn’t expire until February 2020, she would be ending her term as Registered Officer of the Party after 3 ½ years in the position after the June AGM.

This will enable her to concentrate on her duties as an MP, and to serve her constituents.

Adi Litia is Shadow Minister for Justice, Elections, Information and Communications, as an Opposition MP. She is also an alternate member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Accounts reviewing the Auditor General reports. She is a registered lawyer and accountant by profession.

Adi Litia said that she had informed the Working Committee at their meeting on 7th January 2019, of her intention to step down after the June 2019 AGM to concentrate on her Parliamentary duties. She confirmed that the Committee on January 7th, 2019 resolved that she remain as GS, to complete the administrative processes for the party audit, and to file necessary declarations with the Elections Office as required under the Political Parties Act and the Electoral Act.

As that is now completed, she is comfortable and will be ready to hand-over to her successor, once recruited after the 2019 AGM.

She confirmed that as agreed on 7th January, she had earlier today, 29th May 2019, tabled a paper to the Working Committee outlining the recruitment process for the position of General Secretary, including a detailed position description and advertisement. This will enable the Management Board to recruit her successor after the 2019 AGM. She said it had been a rewarding and challenging term as GS and that she looked forward to being able to concentrate on her Parliamentary duties, and her constituents once her successor is recruited after the 2019 AGM. She urged potential applicants to keep an eye out for the advertisement and to apply once it is published.

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