FBC Should Practice Responsible Journalism says Anare Jale

SODELPA Acting President, Anare Jale says Fiji Broadcasting Corporation should practice responsible journalism.

FBC should practice responsible journalism which includes the need to verify and substantiate information before making such reports.

Acting President for SODELPA, Anare Jale

“I wish to correct a report in the FBC News broadcast on Wednesday 29 May 2019 which mentioned the sum of “$500,000 campaign funds.”

In a headline No action to be taken until Arbiter report finalized: SODELPA on 29th of this month, FBC alleges that among the allegations is the misappropriation of close to half a million dollars in campaign funding.

The Acting Party President reiterated that he did not mention any such sum to the Senior Multimedia Journalist, Maggie Boyle of FBC.

“I reiterate that I did not mention any such sum to the FBC reporter.”

Acting President for SODELPA, Anare Jale

SODELPA spent over $1m in the 2018 financial year when the elections took place.

The party’s 2018 finances have been audited, and the report submitted to the Elections Office under the provisions of the Political Parties Act 2013.

The audited financial statements will be tabled at the coming Annual General Meeting in Savusavu on 28th June 2019.

Meanwhile,an independent Arbiter has been hired by SODELPA Board to investigate allegations made by SODELPA Youth President, Jope Koroisavou regarding poor governance, lack of transparency and accountability.

Allegations against senior executive members of the party have been made for misappropriation of funds.

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