“Did I distract #8 a little too much?” says Streaker who ran into the field at Champions League

A streaker who many say livened up an otherwise boring Champions League final has revealed why she decided to jump the fence and go for a run mid-game.

Wearing a barely-there swimsuit, Kinsey Wolanski made her way onto the pitch in the second half of Tottenham’s 2-0 loss to Liverpool in Madrid on Sunday night.

The 22-year-old is now suggesting she played a role in the result, asking on Instagram if she distracted Spurs’ midfielder Harry Winks.

“Did I distract #8 a little too much?” she captioned a photo of herself getting escorted off the ground on Instagram.

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Did I distract #8 a little too much?

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She also revealed she acted alone, saying it was an impromptu decision.

“I was in the game completely by myself, asked the guy next to me if he could take my phone and then I just ran,” she revealed in her Instagram story.

Wolanski was released by Spanish authorities shortly after the final whistle.

When asked why she stormed the field, Wolanski replied “Life is for living, do crazy things that you will remember forever.”

Her boyfriend, YouTuber Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, is no stranger to sporting controversy either.

The prankster has been arrested for running onto the court during the 2016 NBA finals and the field in in the 2017 MLB World Series.

Wolanksi will now await a sizable fine and ban for her efforts.


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