Dialysis Remain at High $150 Per Session

The cost of dialysis will remain at a high $150 per session.

In the 2019-2020 National Budget, $200,000 is provided in subsidy assistance for low-income patients who require Kidney Dialysis.

“Patients with an annual household income of below $30,000 can apply for a 50% subsidy for every dialysis treatment received, reducing the cost to $150.”

Patients in Northern Division can visit the Northern Dialysis Centre for subsidised treatment, while patients in the Central Division can visit National Kidney Dialysis Treatment and Research Centre at Prime Plaza, Nadera.

To qualify for assistance, patients can register at the Ministry’s headquarters in Toorak, Suva.

Patients with Chronic Kidney disease require atleast 3 sessions of hemodialysis per week which accumulates to about $750 per week per patient.

Nephrologist Amrish Krishnan on the Bula Wellness program said that the cost of consumables for dialysis is too high therefore the rates are set to $150 per session despite government subsidy.


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