Foundation Science Students Will Not Get National Toppers Scheme

Foundation students from will not qualify for National Toppers Scheme assistance through the existing criteria but will be eligible for Loan Scheme..

During his 2019-20 National Budget address, Minister for Economy said that it was unfair for those students who study in Year 13 since Year 13 and Foundation are not standardized.

A total of $181.8 million is allocated in the 2019-2020 Budget to fund the various scholarships and loans administered by the TSLB, aiding more than 25,000 Fijian students.

Various policy changes were introduced in previous years that have opened new opportunities for Fijian students to meet their higher education needs. The number of awards for NTS scheme increased for priority areas that are not currently offered by a local institution.

The Civil Service Scholarship Scheme supports the professional development of civil servants to pursue a postgraduate diploma or master’s degree abroad and in-service teachers to upgrade their qualifications, thus raising the level of service delivery.

The Post Graduate Scholarship Scheme allows candidates to upgrade their qualification to master’s degree or pursue a doctorate degree.

Further, recipients who successfully completed their certificate and diploma programmes are encouraged to upgrade their qualifications up to their first bachelor’s degree.


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