Study Where You Live

Part of new initiative adopted in the 2019-20 National Budget that was announced yesterday is for tertiary students to study where they live.

The Government will support all the new tertiary education students who will qualify to receive funding under the TELS-Accommodation Support Scheme by enrolling at campuses within their locality.

While this initiative will allow students to be able to access all necessary campus buildings, it will also provide parents with the flexibility of keeping students home for their studies.

Students enrolling at the localised campuses will be eligible for bus fare and incidental allowance only.

The accommodation rental and meal allowance will be provided for on-campus students only.

However, if a student still prefers to move to the main campus regardless of the program being offered in their locality, the allowance eligibility will be restricted to bus fare and incidental only.

Meanwhile, the National Toppers Scheme will only be available to students who study Year 13 in various secondary schools around the country.

Foundation science students from various universities will no longer be eligible to apply for National Toppers Scheme.

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