Nausori Records Highest Cases of Teenage Pregnancy

Out of the 104 cases of teenage pregnancies recorded in 2018 both from primary and secondary schools, Nausori registered most number of cases.

The data in the International Day Against Drugs Abuse and Illicit Trafficking Booklet was gathered through evaluation forms submitted by 796 primary and secondary schools in Fiji.


Nausori rocked a whooping 23 cases of teenage pregancies while Ra had the lowest number of cases.

Three (3) out of 104 cases recorded by National Substance Abuse Advisory Council was from primary school while the rest was from secondary schools.

Meanwhile in another statistics, the Council found that there were 27,289 cases of violence against students in schools across the country last year.

14,218 of these cases were against girls and 13,071 were against boys. 

This included cases of bullying, cyber bullying, punching, beating, slapping, swearing and name‑calling.

There were 6,594 cases of bullying, 154 cases of cyber bullying, 5,004 cases of punching, 1,021 cases where students were beaten, 2,349 cases where students were slapped, 5,894 cases of swearing and 7,287 cases of name calling.


2 comments on “Nausori Records Highest Cases of Teenage Pregnancy

  1. Nikky Saqanaivalu

    Seriously Nausori!!
    Sa da madua mai.


  2. George Seruiratu

    Its a challenge for all of us in Nausori….. parents , teachers, religious organisations and other social groups.Its a rather shameful reality. Just a request to NASAAC. Nausori is a very big District and I believe has the biggest student population.Can the data be given percentage wise? That will also help people in smaller districts especially those mostly in rural areas be aware of this real issue.


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