Fiji Airways Aircraft Faces Mechanical Difficulties, Rude Manager and Passengers Stranded in Auckland

Passengers supposed to board Fiji Airways from Auckland to Nadi are stuck at Auckland Airport after flight gets cancelled due to technical difficulties.


Flight FJ140 failed to take off from Auckland Airport due to technical difficulties.

It is alleged that the passengers boarded the plane at 12.30 pm and after failure to depart it was announced that the plane will later take off at 4.30 pm.

Speaking to Fijivillage, Vice President of Fiji Football Jitendra Reddy said that the Manager of Fiji Airways confirmed that the flight will depart at 4.30pm, however at 4.30pm they were advised that the aircraft is not ready.

He added the Fiji Airways Manager was rude to the passengers, did not listen to them and just asked the passengers to keep quiet and wait for announcements.

He says that after a short while it was announced that an aircraft is leaving Fiji at 5.30pm and will depart Auckland at 9pm.

He says it was later announced that the Fiji Airways aircraft will leave Fiji at 6.30pm and reach Auckland at 9.30pm and they will depart for Nadi at 10.30 tonight.

Reddy says they have now received an email from Fiji Airways which says that the flight will now depart at 10.50 tonight.

He says upon personally checking on another airlines website, it was confirmed that the aircraft had still not left Nadi.


He says people including old and young, parents with children are all lying inside Auckland Airport not knowing what to do.

When asked by Fijivillage, Fiji Airways says flight FJ410 was cancelled due to a mechanical issue with the aircraft which needs to be looked at by their engineers.

It says they are sending another aircraft to Auckland to bring back the affected guests to Fiji.

Fiji Airways has apologised to their affected guests for any disruption to their travel plans.

Stay tuned for more on this story.


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