Khaiyum sounds like a broken record: Rabuka

Leader of Opposition Sitiveni Rabuka hammered the Attorney General and Minister for Economy Aiyaz Saiyed Khaiyum during his budget addrress.

Rabuka ripped the character of Mr Khaiyum calling him a “broken record”, “liar” and a “manipulator”.


“The Minister for Economy sounds like a broken record for bringing up issues more than 20 years ago,” said Rabuka

He added that he acted swiftly to minimise further risks to our economy when the issue of NBF was brought to him and the Attorney General should put the issue into perspective when talking about NBF.

Rabuka who failed in the 2018 general election called out Attorney General for manipulating several independent institutions and having his hands at too many places.

“Fiji knows he (Attorney General) has a hand in a lot of decisions taken by independent bodies,” he said.

“The Minister for Economy’s footprint and handprint can be seen in all levels of Government,” added Rabuka.


Rabuka said that Minister for Economy has been manipulating the truth to suit him.

“The Attorney General is known to manipulate the truth to suit him,” he said.

“The Prime Minister will soon realise the Minister for Economy has been lying to the people of Fiji and will soon become a liability to the party” Rabuka said.


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