Prime Minister Thanks Minister for Economy

The Prime Minister of Fiji Voreqe Bainimarama thanked the Minister for Economy Mr Aiyaz Saiyed Khaiyum for delivering a responsible budget.


“From the Minister for Economy and his team, who work so tirelessly every year to put these budgets together, to every Fijian shopkeeper, hotel worker, engineer, farmer, IT professional, teacher, fisherman, banker, taxi driver, businessperson, garment-maker, police officer, artist, nurse, factory worker, electrical lineman, clerk and civil servant, I thank you, as your Prime Minister, for bringing Fiji to the position of strength where we sit today,” said the Prime Minister.

“Together, we will continue to build on this progress, and together, we will move our nation forward- PM Bainimarama while presenting his 2019-2020 National Budget response in Parliament earlier today,” he added.

While speaking during the debate on the 2019/2020 National Budget, Bainimarama says Rabuka continues on his reckless habits by misleading the people after saying that Fiji is heading to a collapse. He said that Mr Rabuka himself is “Mr Collapse”.

“I want to put an end to these rumours right now, the Fijian economy is strong and our liquidity levels are more than efficient, it is a good time to invest, it is a good time to do business in Fiji and seek employment, those aren’t social media rumours Honourable Speaker, those are facts.”

The Prime Minister says comments from some members of the Opposition is irresponsible and a economic sabotage.


“But the Boom really, Honorable Speaker is to clean up the mess that he left with us. Mr Speaker the success of my government speaks for itself, there is no collapse. The Fijian government speaks for itself. The Fijian economy is entering into a record straight year of growth, this decade long streak is unprecedented in our history.”

Meanwhile, the Leader of Opposition has called for removal of Minister for Economy immediately alleging that Mr Khaiyum misled the people of Fiji.


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