Boom for Whom Questions Tikoduadua

“Mr Speaker, essentially this Budget presents the question: A Boom for Whom?”

The 2019-20 National Budget will not reduce the cost of living says former Fiji First Parliamentarian and now National Federation Party MP, Pio Tikoduadua.


“This Budget will not reduce the cost of living. This Budget doesn’t provide incentives to increase wages and salaries based on Cost Of Living Adjustment, of ordinary workers as well as civil servants to sustain rising prices of all goods and services,” says Mr Tikoduadua.

He also said that the budget also did not see rise in the minimum wage rate for the Fijians.

“This Budget will not provide a decent and meaningful increase to the minimum wage to make it a living wage,” he added.

The NFP MP said that this Budget is all about replicating the status-quo of our sugar industry, which has suffered a 50% downturn in the last 12 years under the Bainimarama Boom.


“And this Budget is also slowly but surely killing the goose that is laying golden egg – our tourism industry – by continuing to impose 25% taxes that is outpricing the industry compared to lucrative Asian destinations like Bali.”


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