AG Destroys Opposition Misinformation

The Opposition came to the parliament armed with empty packets of Boom Laundry Powder just like their empty speeches, void of any facts and figures, just based on assumptions.

The Attorney general in his right of reply said that there was misrepresentation of facts, inaccuracies, contradictions, deliberate manipulations, personalization of issues, attempt to character assassination and cheap and incompetent political shots.


The Opposition resorted to absolute cheap and demeaning attacks on the Minister of Economy of Fiji and his character throughout the budget response, as each Opposition member took their chance.

This is gross incompetence on the part of the Opposition members who need to reflect on themselves and their own behaviour in the parliament.

It seemed that when the opposition failed to make any valuable contribution to the budget debate, they resorted to personal attacks on the Minister for Economy calling him words like “liar”, “manipulator”, “freak” and much more.

The Hon Minister said that there was nothing constructive or alternate policies and ideas presented by the opposition during the budget debate to take Fiji forward.

“However Mr Speaker, this is what we have come to expect from SODELPA and NFP combined, reminiscent of the past 5 years. There are no new ideas, no plausible alternatives, nothing constructive to take Fiji forward,” he said.

“Just the same old rhetoric, insidious and blatant bigotry, ethnic reference and hypocrisy led by an Opposition leader that brought Fiji to its knees,” he added.

It is also utterly shameful that while calling on government to stop bringing up the past, Mr Rabuka took swipe at the Attorney General and called him a “political liability.” He also said that the government should move on from NBF mess that he created. Mr Rabuka sounded like a hypocrite which Assistant Minister Selai Adimaitoga clearly pointed out.

He is too quick to bring up his achievements but lashes out when someone points out his failures and the coups he carried out. Someone also need to remind Hon Rabuka that the same government he says shouldn’t bring up the NBF saga is the one paying the debt of his deeds.


Had he “rectified” the mess, the current government wouldn’t have been still cleaning up.

“Mr Speaker Sir, the level of contribution coming from the opposition side makes me wonder if they even have the ability to design a budget,” Mr Khaiyum said.

He added that the opposition has never offered a proper alternative budget even though the Hon Prasad claimed at the eleventh hour after the members of the government had been demanding this for past two days.

Opposition came confused to the parliament especially everybody contradicting each other, some even don’t know how Ministries work and how allocations are made.


It was a sheer attempt to discredit the work of the government whatever it be, but it failed.

The debate from the opposition was empty just like the empty boom packets that they had brought with them.


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