Lalabalavu Wants Fiji to Sell Flower

Outgoing SODELPA President and Opposition MP Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu wants the Fijian Government to research and sell flowers overseas.

While speaking on a motion to increase the research funding for agriculture Mr Lalabalavu said that the government needs to adopt new programs to prepare for commercial farming.

He said that flower is a very interesting sector in agriculture. He added the we should export flowers as a commodity now.

The House broke out into a laughter when Lalabalavu had to spell out “flower” since the whole parliament was confused with “flour.”

Lalabalavu said that he has just returned from China and “floral flower” is a lucrative export.

Minister Reddy then clarified Hon Opposition MP’s confusion saying that flower comes under the larger umbrella of horticultural crops and the Ministry does take research in horticulture however, the flower is currently at very small scale and it has a separate funding allocated to it.

The Minister added that the Ministry does has a plan for the flower cottage industry mostly focused on women and to assist them from farms to market.

Minister Reddy also added that the ministry is focusing on high value crops as of yet which has huge market and value.


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