14 Year old Headboy allegedly raped two 8 year old students

A 14 year old Headboy of a school in Naitasiri has been charged for allegedly raping two 8 year old boys attending the same school.

The alleged incident took place earlier this year in the school.

According to Fijivillage the accused was produced in Suva High Court this morning for three counts of rape.

The report further states that the headboy no longer attends the same school as the two Year 3 students.

It has been established the Legal Aid Comission is representing the accused minor.

The case has been adjourned till 21st of August and the accused minor has been ordered to be placed in Boys Centre in Suva.

1 comment on “14 Year old Headboy allegedly raped two 8 year old students

  1. This is more society’s fault than the child’s. Media constantly spewing out sexual content in images, videos, music and language. Internet access is readily available to these children as well. No one cares how these mediums affects these children. What is a child to do with information handed to them like this? Since he is still at an age where he is unable to process complex information about relationships and sexuality, all he can do is imitate it. Heck, even adults still struggle to process the complexities about relationships. And the two young children – how does this affect their development from now? Do they go on and be angry at the world or will they withdraw and distrust? This is upsetting and sad.


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