No Increase in Data Charges for Vodafone Users

Vodafone Fiji in a press release this afternoon says that it has taken a decision to absorb the 10c/Gigabyte data levy imposed by the Government. This means that Vodafone data users will not pay anything extra for data usage then what they currently enjoying.

It is important that the data levy is put into perspective. Prior to the imposition of the data levy, the telecommunication companies had been paying a levy on voice calls. This has now been repealed by the government which means telcos will no longer be required to pay the levy on voice calls going forward. This, in turn, has been replaced by the data levy.  

Furthermore, the government has also got FINTEL which is the gateway provider for international communication and the wholesaler for internet bandwidth to reduce the wholesale rates for the internet which Vodafone acquires for its internet.

The removal of the voice levy and the reduction in internet whole bandwidth cost has helped Vodafone to absorb the data levy and not pass on these cost onto its consumers.

However, Vodafone’s success over the years has been built on the delivery of innovative and high-quality product and services.  Our focus has always been to use technology to deliver practical and cost-effective solutions for our customers. 

“With data and internet becoming increasingly important to our subscribers with the Internet of Things in a highly connected world, we are pleased to inform our customers that we will be passing on the data levy to our customers. We look to creating more use cases and demand for our services to drive growth rather than the focus of price.”

Accordingly, Vodafone will continue to offer competitive data plans for its customers as it has always done.  

Source: Vodafone Fiji [Press Release]


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