Did Pio Tikoduadua Step Over the Line?

While no violence is justified, it is also important to understand why someone would respond in such a manner.

As the saga unfolds and now under police investigation, let’s take a step back and look what happened.

It was another day of Parliamentary debate and things didn’t start well. National Federation Party President Pio Tikoduadua was responding to Bainimarama on the motion to condemn Bulitavu’s racist remarks about Indo-Fijian women.

Tikoduadua said that the Prime Minister should not be talking on violence against women and should be the last person talking about violence against women in this house and also should know what is happening in his own house and it is hypocritical for this matter.

Is dragging Mr Bainimarama’s family into a parliamentary debate justified?

It is unethical and immoral of Pio Tikoduadua to launch a tirade against Bainimarama’s family members infront of the entire nation for cheap political points as much as it is unethical of Mr Bainimarama to respond with alleged assault.

Pio Tikoduadua’s behavior was invective and not that of a member of the parliament. So is the Prime Minister’s.

Exchange that took place in the Parliament before the alleged assault
Attorney General Aiyaz Saiyed Khaiyum holds a press conference regarding alleged assault.
VC: Fijian Government

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