Apologies to an Empty Chamber Gives Bainimarama a Lifeline

Even after claiming to have “abused” Mr Pio Tikoduadua, Prime Minister of Fiji escapes his six month suspension from the Fijian Parliament by apologizing to an empty parliament chamber.

Meanwhile, the victim of the assault, Mr Pio Tikoduadua suffered a major blow after the Fijian Parliament slapped him with a six month suspension on top of the shoving he faced by the Prime Minister.

“Regardless, Mr. Speaker I offer my unreserved apologies to him, to my colleagues, to the Parliament and, to you, Mister Speaker, for my actions,” said the Prime Minister while apologizing in the Parliament.

The Prime Minister says that he is remorseful and regrets of his actions and has unreservedly apologised to Mr Pio Tikoduadua (who was not in the parliament), the governement MP’s and the Speaker of the House.

” I fully admit that I momentarily and spontaneously let my emotions, and my love of family, get the better of me. My actions were not appropriate and should not have happened,” said the Prime Minister.

Mr Bainimarama says that he was depressed and distraught at the personal comments made by Pio Tikoduadua regarding his family when he grabbed Mr Tikoduadua by the lapel and shoved him in turn breaking his spectacles.

Mr Bainimarama held on to his seat by following the recommendations of the Privilege Committee to apologise or face 6 months suspension from the Parliament.

The Privilege Committee was primararily made up of his own Fiji First Party members and only two Opposition members.

The Parliament has now adjourned.


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