Neighbor Helps In Arrest Of Thieves

The persistent efforts of a concerned neighbor led to the arrest of a man who is originally from Suva for his alleged involvement in a robbery in Waiwai, Ba early this morning.

Information was received from the concerned individual after hearing a commotion at his neighbours house and noticed a vehicle that was new to the area moving around in a suspicious manner.

A couple in their 50s were allegedly robbed in their home in the interior of Waiwai in Ba and were forcefully taken in their vehicle by the unknown suspects to Lautoka where their car was abandoned.

The neighbor in hearing the commotion early this morning, noticed the driver of the vehicle which is believed to have transported the suspects to the area and alerted police and pursued the alleged suspect in his own car up towards Yalalevu Ba.

The suspect lost control of the vehicle causing it to veer off the road near Yalalevu where Police managed to take the suspect into custody.

The couple who were found in Lautoka with their car are now receiving medical treatment at the Lautoka Hospital.

Investigations continue and a team has been tasked to locate and identify the suspects involved in the early morning robbery.


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