Taiwan demands removal of government personnel after Solomon Islands switches relations

The Taiwan government demands that Solomon Islands immediately recall its government personnel from Taiwan.

In a press release the Taiwan government says that the government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) finds the decision of Solomon Islands switching ties to China extremely regrettable and strongly condemns it.

The government say that Taiwan terminates all diplomatic relations with Solomon Islands with immediate effect, the end of all bilateral cooperative projects, as well as the recall of the staff of its Embassy, technical mission, and medical mission stationed in Solomon Islands.

After taking office in April this year, Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare announced a reassessment of the country’s external relations, including diplomatic relations with Taiwan, based on principles of overall national interest, lawfulness and transparency.

Taiwan says he publicly stated that the Solomon Islands government would refer to four reports from government agencies, as well as public opinion expressed by civil organizations, before coming to a final decision.

During bilateral talks with Foreign Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu this August, Prime Minister Sogavare reiterated this position.

Ministry of FOreign Affairs of Taiwan also labelled Prime Minister Sogavare and his Cabinets move and a “Bipartisan Task Force” report, as one which is full of fabrications and blatant misinformation.

Taiwan added that Prime Minister Sogavare has not only broken his own public promise, but also disregarded the fruits of the 36 years of cooperation between Taiwan and Solomon Islands.

Taiwan believes that the majority of the Solomon Islanders will find the decision unacceptable since it completely lacks credibility.


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