‘Witchdoctor’ Charged for Murder of Five

Mohammad Raheesh Isoof has been charged with five counts of murder over the deaths of Nirmal Kumar, 63, his wife Usha Devi, 54, their daughter Nileshni Kala and her daughters Sana, 11, and Samara, 8, according to the Fiji Police Force.

Police laid charges on Mohammad Isoof after weeks of investigation into the tragic death of the family of five in Nausori Highlands in Nadi which brought the nation to a stand still.

A separate criminal charge has also been laid on Mohammad Isoof for abandoning a 1 year old girl at the murder scene.

Muhammad Raheesh Isoof, also known as Kamal, is a 62-year-old man who lives in a flat in the east Christchurch suburb of Linwood and works for Go Bus as a bus driver.

The five bodies found in Nausori Highlands, in Nadi, Fiji, on August 26 were identified as, from left: Nirmal Kumar, 63, his wife Usha Devi, 54, and their daughter Nileshni Kajal, 34, with her daughters aged 11 and 8.

The bodies were of 63-year-old carpenter Nirmal Kumar, his wife Usha Devi, 54, their 34-year-old daughter Nileshni Kajal and her two daughters aged 11 and 8, all of Legalega, were found at Nausori Highlands on August 26th

A crying one-year-old, Samaira Kumar, was found crawling by the roadside close to where the bodies were found. Samaira was Nileshni Kajal’s niece.

‘Miracle Baby” – One-year-old, Samaira Kumar, was found crawling by the roadside. PC: Supplied

A post-mortem examination results showed that the five died as result of ingesting toxic substance.

Mohammad Isoof and his wife were interviewed in relation to the alleged murders but were released after Fiji Police exhausted its 48 hour holding period. No charges was laid then. However, the Director of Public Prosecutions Office had made applications to hold the two individuals for longer but the judge had struck down the request. Mohammad Isoof and his wife were concomitantly given a stop departure order as they were persons of interest regarding the deaths.

Police then said that the woman was known to the first person of interest and also to the Kumar family.

Isoof, who is commonly known as Kamal, is a Fiji citizen but holds permanent residency in New Zealand.

Fiji Police Officers retrieving body PC: Supplied

According to Stuff, the brother of Nirmal Kumar said the family was happy police had pressed charges.

Rajesh Kumar said they had been waiting for weeks for an outcome to investigations.

Isoof is alleged to be a “witchdoctor” who was used by Nirmal Kumar and his family several times to treat Usha Devi’s abdominal pains. 

Kumar said Isoof was taken into police custody on Saturday night and police told the family he was charged the next day.

“Our families have lived next to each other since 1972 when Kamal’s father built his house next to ours.”

He said Nirmal Kumar even looked after Isoof’s family home when they were away in New Zealand.

Isoof will appear at the Nadi Magistrates’ Court today.


1 comment on “‘Witchdoctor’ Charged for Murder of Five

  1. Don Wilson

    Witch doctoring is still going on in Fiji. Interesting to turn to a ” Witch Doctor” instead of visiting a medical clinic is very telling of the family and the witch doctor


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