Water Authority monitoring “kerosene like odour”

The Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) is aware of the water supply issues being experienced by certain customers in Nausori, Nakasi, Muanikoso, and Waila.

Customers had allegedly made claims that the water from the taps had a kerosene like odour.

The WAF says it is working to address and identify the cause of the alleged kerosene-like odour that is being received in the taps of certain customers within the reticulated area.

A team of specialists from the Authority’s National Water Quality Laboratory (NWQL) were immediately deployed yesterday (29/09) to verify and conduct water quality checks within the area.

The team had collected water samples, these were tested on-site for chlorine residual. Further tests were conducted at the laboratory. All water quality parameters tested on-site and at the laboratory was well within the Fiji National Drinking Water Quality Standards.

Therefore, the WAF reassures customers that the water supply supplied from the Waila Water Treatment Plant is safe for human consumption, however, the Authority urges customers to boil all drinking water as a precautionary measure until the taste and odor issue has been normalized.

Separate teams were also deployed to conduct flushing operations i.e to flush out the reticulation by opening wash-out valves and hydrants.

Meanwhile, the Authority also made follow-up checks with customers and majority have responded positively.

The Authority also feels that the change in taste and odor is a possible result of the recent heavy rain where most debris, minerals, slimy soil, and dissolved metals were being received into the water treatment facility.

The Authority continues to monitor the situation, more updates will be made once the situation improves.


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