Students retaliated after a student was hurt, traditional apology offered

The feud between a prominent all boy’s school in Tailevu and the Nananau villagers has been resolved after the school and the villagers exchanged traditional apologies on Thursday last week.

According to The Fiji Times, Timoci Bure, the Deputy Secratery of Ministry of Education has confirmed that the students who have been part of the feud between villagers and the students were counselled.

He added that the villagers also offered the apology because a student was also hurt in the first incident and retaliation was because of that.

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Police say the investigation continue regarding this matter.

It is believed that some young boys from the village had been drinking the day before the incident and had stoned the hostel buildings which resulted in one of the students getting hurt. The students then retaliated against the disorderly youths of the neighboring village.

It is also understood that the students from this prominent school had an earlier altercation with the youths from the village who were found stealing from the school.

It is believed that the youths constantly stole clothes and shoes off these students and the Fiji Police Force was aware of the situation since the beginning.

Minister for Education Rosy Akbar says that the students have been counselled and now needed to focus on the exams.


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