Yusuf to Isoof

Isoof allegedly murdered family of 5 in Nausori Highlands.

Changed his name from Yusuf to Isoof

Isoof was in possession of victims phone

Enquired about pesticides found at crime scene

Images show Mohammed Isoof was with victim Nirmal Kumar at crime scene.

Mohammed Raheesh Isoof(Yusuf) suspect in Nausori Highland Murder | PC: Google

In the High court proceedings in Lautoka yesterday, Police Detective Anil Kumar told the court that Mohammed Raheesh Isoof, the alleged suspect in the murder of five, had changed his name from Yusuf to Isoof through a deed poll, enquired at a local shop about the pesticide found at the crime scene and was in possession of the victims mobile phone.

Lead Detective, Sergeant Anil Kumar objected the bail application by the accused.

“Through this evidence I strongly believe that he has means and ways to leave the country,” Detective Kumar told the Court.

Detective Kumar also told the Court that Police had CCTV footage of the victim on a phone call with the accused while in a local bank trying to withdraw $50,000 for a pooja and birthday party at his home.

Phone records obtained by police shows that victim, Mr Nirmal Kumar was conversing to the accused on that phone call.

Family of Five who were murdered in Nausori Highland | PC: Google

Sergeant Kumar also added that the accused changed his name from Yusuf to Isoof through Deed of Poll.

Despite a stop departure order in place and his passport with Fijian authorities, Kumar said he believed Isoof would find any way possible to leave the country. 

He told the court the accused had already changed his surname once in Fiji from Yusuf to Isoof, after he was deported from Australia. 

Kumar said Isoof went to New Zealand using his new name.

He added that Mohammed Isoof is a flight risk as well.

According to Times, DPP Lawyer Semi Babitu said that Mr Isoof had allegedly enquired at a shop in Nadi about the pesticide found at the crime scene in Nausori Highlands.

Mr Babitu added that a mobile phone obtained by police in the accused’s rental car belong to the Mr Nirmal Kumar, a victim of the Nausori Highland tragedy.

Images obtained from the same mobile phone puts both Nirmal Kumar and the accused Mohammed Isoof at the crime scene – Nausori Highlands.

Nausori Highlands – Crime scene |PC: Google

A decision on bail application will be made next week Wednesday.

Mohammed Raheesh Isoof has been charged for causing the deaths of Nirmal Kumar, 63, his wife Usha Devi, 54, their daughter Nileshni Kala and her two children Sana, 11, and Samara, 8.

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