Bus Fare Prices Expected to Increase

The bus fare rates are expected to increase following amendment of Land Transport Act.

A passenger taps his E-Transport Card | PC: Fiji Sun

The Attorney General and Minister for Economy will table a Ammendment to Land Transport Bill tomorrow in the parliament to allow the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission (FCCC) to make determinations on bus fares.

The FCCC has already made an assessment on the bus fare rates following the calls for increase in bus fare by bus operators earlier this year.

The new fare rates are not yet known.

Attorney General said that FCCC held wide consultations with bus operators but the Commission cannot implement new fares under current laws which only empowers the Transport Minister to make such decisions.

Fiji Bus Operators had proposed an interim measure of increasing fares of only the first four stages, which is where a majority of companies’ operational costs are incurred.

“Stage 1 fare is proposed to be set at $1, Stage 2 is proposed to rise to $1.30, Stage 3 to be set at $1.70 and Stage 4 to be set at $2. All other stages would remain unchanged until a final determination on fares are made by the authorities,” the Association said.

Meanwhile, the Independent Bus Fare Review Committee headed by Joel Abraham has completed its review and passed on to the Land Transport Authority which will implement new fare rates following amendment to Land Transport Act.

The review was conducted utilizing financial data provided by 32 bus operators and views of Fijian commuters.

Abraham had earlier stated that thousands of Fijians have said they do not want an increase in bus fares, however, the Committee’s agenda is to promote fairness.

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