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Measles case rises to 10

Since the last update on November 20th 2019 there are now 10 confirmed cases of measles. The latest confirmed case is a 25-year-old pregnant woman from Samabula. The woman presented to the CWM Hospital on 21 November 2019 and is currently admitted under isolation. The Suva Subdivisional Outbreak Response Team has responded to the notification of this new case through the tracing of contacts, with vaccination, and quarantine if needed.

The 2-year-old confirmed case mentioned in the previous update (Media release 7: Measles 20/11/2019) has since been discharged home from the CWM Hospital. The Serua/Namosi Subdivisional Outbreak Response Team has vaccinated 100% of the residents of Waibogi Village in Serua since notification of this case on November 20th 2019.

A 11-year-old student of the Fiji School for the Blind is currently a suspected case and is isolated at the school awaiting test results. Students and staff at the school were vaccinated and quarantined on November 21st before being cleared by the Suva outbreak response team.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services would like to acknowledge the response of the public in presenting to our health facilities for the measles vaccine.

As mentioned in the past, the measles vaccine is in limited supply and therefore the Ministry of Health and Medical Services would like to inform the public that there is an interim shortage of the measles vaccine. For this reason, the remaining measles vaccine stock will be prioritised to those who are at the greatest risk of catching and spreading measles and it is not available for the general public until additional stocks arrive in the coming days.

Current stocks are being reserved for the following high-risk target groups:

1. The residents of Serua/Namosi
2. Children from the ages of 6 months to 3 years
3. People travelling overseas, however proof of travel must be shown i.e. ticket/travel itinerary, not just a passport

The routine immunisation of children at 12 and 18 months of age will continue as per the national immunisation schedule.

The only exceptions to those in the above groups are pregnant women, those with compromised immune systems, and those with a known allergy to the vaccine. These people should not be vaccinated

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