Rabuka slams USP Council, calls for BDO Report to be made public

Fiji’s Leader of Opposition Sitiveni Rabuka took a swipe at University of the South Pacific Council in a Facebook post on Friday.

Fiji’s Leader of Opposition, Sitiveni Rabuka
Photo: Google

Rabuka has called on the USP Council to release the investigatory report done by BDO surrounding the allegations of mismanagement by senior staff of the University.

“I call on the USP Council to release the Investigatory Report by accounting firm, BDO Auckland into the affairs of the University, to the taxpayers in Fiji and the region, who fund the institution,” Rabuka said in the post.

“The decision of the USP Council to withhold the findings is absurd. The decision makes a mockery of the ideals of good governance and it is a betrayal of the region’s taxpayers on whose behalf the Council members’ adjudicate.”

he added that the report must be made public to ensure accountability, transparency and to restore the credibility of the regional university.

“USP is the premier institution for higher learning where future leaders are trained. It must therefore adhere to the highest principles and practice of good governance.”

The Leader of Opposition says that it is important that not only students and their parents and sponsors know the truth, but also the people. Two important idioms for the Council to remember is that “justice delayed is justice denied” and “justice must be done, and seen to be done.

“The Council must not be part of a cover up that will further damage the credibility of this vital regional institution for higher education and learning,” he added.

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